What are Driftwood Folks?

This folky style of art tells storyies using pieces of driftwood to relive humorous or uncomfortable life events.

The Process…

I begin with a commission to recreate a specific event using this natural medium. These storys can be happy or sad, funny or glad.

Then the work begins!  I carve a different personality into each face, add color, and sometimes objects that help tell the story.

Of course, every piece will an original, one-of-a-kind.



A Shotgun Wedding

… sumpn’s kicking

Approximately 14″ high

Collection of Angie Heifner

This piece protrays a common occurance from years ago. In this piece, the bride is definately with child at her wedding ceremony.

The fathers of these young kids are visuslly upset, expecially the father of the bride who is toting a shotgun in case the groom backs out.

The Picker and Artist of Taos

Approximately 13″ high

Collection of Chris Morel

This piece was commissioned by a special friend of the artist Chris Morel. It was made by blending driftwood and other species of wood.

Morel’s work is found in private collections and galleries nationwide.  Chris is also a talented guitar player, who’s band performs thoughout New Mexico. 

An Awkward Moment

Approximately 16″ high

Collection of the artist

The young man has a ring in his hand and aks his girlfriend to marry him and experiences “an awkward moment” when she replies…

Honey, I love you but I can’t say yes, because you are an artist, and they don’t make much money.

Wait’n for a spot

Approximately 35″ high

Collection of Amie and John Sarver

This piece depicts an actual event that happened to me  on a fishing trip on the White River in Northern Arkansas.  During the spawning season, fisherman come from all around, causing crowds around the best spots on the river.

The game warden, (3rd figure from the left) holds off excited fishermen who are “wait’n for a spot.”


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