What is “Repurposed Art” ?

I find old discarded wood and rusty tools to create these unusual pieces of art. This form of recycling is enjoyable to both the artist and collector.

The Process…

Initially, I hunt for old, discarded items that can be repurposed into future art.  Then I visualize what the final result could be with said found items.

Combining these different materials, I then create a unique piece of art.

(For instance, in the duck above, I envisioned the old wooden clothespin as the start of this sculpture.)

Wild Horse

Approximately 26″ long

Collection of Richard & Jama Wilson

This horse was made with a cross-cut saw blade for the mane, a handle of a key-hole saw for his head,  miniture baseball bats for legs, and for his body, a 100 year old beam found in a collapsed barn out west.

This piece was commissioned by a wild horse sanctuary in southern Wyoming.

Level Headed Redfish

Approximately 25″ long

Collection of Kitty Cunningham

Most any species of fish can be produced in this method using old levels for the body.  Fins were made from a cement trowel and for the tail,  a rusty putty knife.

Fish come with a table base or can be custom made to hang on a wall.


Wooden Weiner

Approximately 16″ long

Collection of Dr. Kevin Heifner

This contemporary weiner dog is made from a discarded 4×6 beam, a wooden saw handle for his nose, leather impala skins for his ears, rusty bolts for his legs, and for his tail, a dieker horn from Africa.

Note: Most any dog species can be used.

Pulley Perch

Approximately 13″ long

Collection of Dr. Robert Gander

Retired wooden pulleys can represent many round shaped fish.  In this example, a pulley was used for the body and the fins were made from parts of a discarded, rusty plow.

Contact me for more shapes and sizes, which can make excellent gifts for your favorite fisherman.



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