About the artist

Art has been a major influence in R.D.’s personal and professional life.  He has won over 30 Best-of-Show awards nationwide and 2 International Championships.

R.D. has lived in many western states which has inspired and influenced his style of work.  After earning an art degree, he became a creative director for two different companies.

As an avid duck hunter, he envisioned hunting over his own carved decoys like sportsmen did years ago.  While recovering from a serious illness, he occupied his downtime by carving his own rig of nine decoys.

He visited a wildlife art gallery in Louisiana and saw his first realistically carved duck.  Soon after, he met the artist who gave R.D. advice and a book about fancy duck carving.  He began carving realistic ducks and entered art competitions.

In addition to winning awards, he was commissioned to sculpt 12 life-size flying Canada Geese for The J.B. and Johnelle Hunt museum in Rogers, Arkansas.  He also served as curator of The Wildlife World Museum.  

Wilson has retired from competing at decoy shows, but now serves as a judge and auctioneer.   His work has raised thousands of dollars for many wildlife organizations such as Ducks Unlimited, Delta Waterfowl, Quail Unlimited, the National Wild Turkey Federation, and Trout Unlimited.


Repurposed wooden leg of a sawhorse
with a stirrup and rake for the tail.

When the COVID pandemic hit, art shows R.D. normally attended were canceled.   This gave him time to develop new styles of art found in this website.


(501) 213-7569

eMail:  RD@RDartz.com